ज़वेरी शिल्प


Zaveri Craft is a homegrown brand, Manufacture, and Exporter that motivates and promotes skilled Indian craftsmen and provides them Global visibility and a platform to promote handicrafts whether Gold, Silver, Diamond, or State-Specific Traditional Handicrafts. We Believe in creating a marketplace to bring awareness in India and the rest of the World about rich Indian Culture and heritage of our craftsmen शिल्पकार -/Artisans कारीगर -/Jewellers जौहरी -/Zaveri झवेरी. We at Zaveri Craft deliver the best of the products starting from home decor, jewellery, and the finest of the handicrafts produced by the immensely talented artists.


Zaveri craft as a start-up connects Heritage Rich Indian cultured art and tales attached with very Indian traditional Art-form with the world. We aim to bring the chosen artifacts and jewels to your doorstep and beautify your lives with Meaningful Classical Craftsmanship. The ideas and the talent in the hands of Indian craftsmen deserve a global platform. We have initiated to bring them forward and highlight them with their art. Through Zaveri, Jewellers, Artisans, and Craftsmen bring their expertise on the digital platform.

It’s a small initiative by Zaveri Craft to appreciate all the hardworking craftsmen in India to get their beautiful creations made available on a global platform. It helps them get the right recognition and value of their invested laborious work.


Zaveri Craft guarantees its valuable customers the most exquisite artifacts inspired by the Rich Indian Traditions and million-year-old Heritage. Every handicraft has an inspiration behind it arising from 28 Indian States, traditions, folklore, and artforms. Zaveri Craft understands the special in you, your interest, and your unique choices. Zaveri Craft is committed to its quality approach in authentic designs and traditionalism. Our products are not only artistically sound but are also authentic and made with only the best quality of raw materials. The merchandise is one hundred percent genuine and will not fail to leave you awestruck.

Zaveri Craft works on B2B and B2C model. We Take Pride in building relationships with local artisans from different parts and region of this multicultural and diversified country also called BHA`RA`Ta (BHARAT) means BHA` -Bhava – Emotions `RA -Raaga-Tune `TA- Tala-Rhythm

Join us on this mission.