Handmade Paintings – Buy Beautiful God & Nature Painting Online

Zaveri Craft ‘s unique collection of handmade paintings are a tender reminder of the beauty Indian culture beholds. Our vibrant and exquisite range of handmade paintings adds the brightest colors of tradition and history to your décor. Our highly skilled artists present handmade paintings of Radha-Krishna, handmade painting of Ganesha and handmade painting of lord [...]

Zaveri Craft Handcrafting Indian Ethnicity

Handicrafts are a mirror to the ethnicity of Indian artisans Zaveri Craft assembles the essence of Indian heritage through its intricately designed handcraft items which range across breathtaking categories of jewelry and home décor essentials. The handcrafted products of Zaveri Craft include a vibrant range of wooden handicrafts, paper handcraft, bamboo handicraft and silver handicraft [...]

Transform your garden: here’s how

There are no obligations in stone when it comes to designing good-looking landscaping with potted plants. The most incredible outdoor spaces are created using imagination, not just following a set of rules. It’s what’s unique that captures attention, not what looks the same as everything else. That doesn’t mean there are no laws when it comes to [...]

How to Style Bold Statement Rings

Have you considered going bold with your accessories? To style up your rings in a different way? Well, then this article is just for you. Some people find it hard when it comes to picking the perfect rings and then figuring out how to blend it seamlessly into their wardrobe. Zaveri craft is here to assist [...]

Housewarming Gift Ideas

Getting a house of your own is like a dream come true. After so many years of hard work, savings, investments, and after millions of calculative choices, people ultimately decide the house they want to buy finally. So when you are invited to a housewarming party, it may be just a party for you, but […]

Handicraft : The perfect gifts this year !

BUY TRADITIONAL HANDICRAFTS | Jewelery| Artefacts|wooden holder|Candle stand Every Indian state has a deeply rooted culture which is always represented in its handicrafts. Let it be jewelry, paintings, wooden artefacts, pottery items, wall art or clothing. India is a land of craftsmanship and the inspirations of creating it emerges from its own heritage rich culture. [...]

Add Silver Jewellery to your wardrobe. Here’s why !

SILVER JEWELLERY When it comes to our accessories, we want them to be aesthetic with a touch of charm and elegance. Silver jewellery has been important whether it be in the forms of rings, bracelets, anklets, pendants or earrings. On one side, gold jewellery is considered to be more suitable for main occasions and ceremonies […]

Bohomic home decor : because there is no place like home

HOME DÉCOR A home is not what one builds with walls and beams but what one builds with love and dreams. It is where love endures, memories are conceived, friends are stumbled upon and laughter never leaves. Every home has its own unique story to tell, through the color of its walls, the wind chime […]