We greatly value the faith you have placed in Zaveri Crafts and insist that highest standards are maintained for safe transactions and maintaining the privacy of our customer information. We request you to read the statement below to learn about the Zaveri Craft privacy policy in regard to gathering and dispensing customer information.

What are the kinds of information Zaveri Craft collects?

Information provided to us

The information retrieved by us here is the information you provide to us with consent. This information includes sensitive information such as your personal details (where applicable). Given below is a list of information we store from you-

  • Name, email address postal code, billing and shipping address
  • Payment mode- credit/debit card, mobile payment etc.
  • Requests and participation of website (coupons/opt-in option/shop/survey)
  • Feedbacks, reviews and opinions on our products and services
  • Any other personal information you wish to share with us
  • Information received from others

Information retrieved from others is the data we gather and store from third party service providers of Zaveri Craft. Given below is a list of information we store from other sources-

  • Address and delivery information from our delivery associates
  • Account details, purchase/cancelation/return information and page viewing information from our associate merchants
  • Links (URL’s) and search results which also include paid listings
  • Information gathered from our co-branding servicers engaging in joint marketing activities
  • Information automatically stored when you scroll through our website

While you effortlessly surf through our website certain information is automatically gathered and stored into our information base. Given below is a list of information which automatically is stored when you use our website-

  • IP address, access timings, browser type and operating system
  • Interaction details with our customer service representatives (date, time, reason of contact, method of communication, recordings)
  • Electronic device details- hardware model/type, operating version and system, IMEI number, wireless network interface, phone number etc.)
  • Cookies- cookies are information stored to track customer trends such as preferences. This is to magnify the interactive experience for our customers in a constant effort to improve our services for you. With this, we also ensure that you are always given an option to provide us with your information stay anonymous. With this, we also track the pages you visit on our website as an effort to improve our customer service.

What do we do of the information we collect?

Relation building and customer satisfaction is our priority for which we gather and store certain information from you (as explained above). This information helps us constantly improve our customer interface and present you with a memorable interactive experience while surfing through Zaveri Craft website. Given below is a list of activities we undertake after gathering and storing your information-

  • To establish communication with you
  • To sustain and enhance relationship with customers
  • To cater to individual customer preferences by tracking your browsing and purchasing preferences
  • To assemble customer profile (personal information, demographic profile and statistical information)
  • To effectively respond to your queries and concerns
  • To provide you with all Zaveri Craft updates such as coupons, promotions, new products etc.
  • To regularly update our internal record and for administrative purposes
  • To conduct market surveys to improve our customer interface and relationship management
  • To promote direct marketing
  • To locate, examine and foresee fraud activities

How does Zaveri Craft protect your information?

In the effort of gathering and storing customer information Zaveri Craft professionals keep in mind to secure the data at the same time. We understand how sensitive the information is which you share with us with trust.

  • While collecting your payment information we ensure to showcase only the last four digits of your card numbers while confirmation so your data is secured
  • All information shared with us is stored in secure monitored servers in our internal systems to protect the data gathered from any external hampering or damage
  • As an effort to halt unauthorized access to information we regularly update our data to maintain accuracy along with a closely monitored internal storage system of Zaveri Craft

How can you safeguard your information?

In our diligent efforts to safeguard the data collected from you we request you to take certain precautions to secure your data, as mentioned below-

  • Do not share your password or personal account details with anyone else
  • While setting security codes make sure to set something which is not easy to hack
  • Make sure to read all terms before accepting

When does Zaveri Craft disclose your information?

Although Zaveri Craft takes all necessary measures to secure your information but in certain unavoidable circumstances we are bound to share your information such as-

  • In case the law or a public authority demands your information from us
  • In case we need to protect our legal rights
  • In case we remodel, transfer or trade Zaveri Craft

*we also share your information with Zaveri Craft executives while processing and storing customer data and enhancing customer care and experience

*we also share your information with our third party associates while undertaking marketing, hosting, communication, advertising, infrastructure, and IT activities

What are your information rights with Zaveri Craft?

Ensuring transparency, Zaveri Craft gives its customers certain rights-

  • The right to retrieve the personal information you provided us
  • The right to correct the personal information you provided us
  • The right to delete the personal information you provided us
  • The right to restrict the processing of data
  • The right to oppose against categorization of data


  • Our privacy policy is liable to change whenever without prior notice.
  • By visiting this Website you consent to the terms and states of this Privacy Policy. In the event that you disagree kindly don’t utilize or get to our Website.

By simple utilization of the website, you explicitly agree to our utilization and exposure of individual data furnished by you as per this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy is fused into and subject to the Terms of Use.