The painting depicts GAURI who is the modern Indian Bride. Each feature and background details have a symbolic meaning attached to it.

The bright yellow background is plain and simple representing simplicity and clarity of mind. Her currier is as bright as the Sunny Yellow background. She has sharp mind just like her facial features. She understands the hollow rules of the society and sabotages them with Black Bindi on her wedding instead of red. She keeps her values as high as her bun. The chain of pearls and roses represents her confidence and pride she takes in her views and experiences. The heavy neckpiece and earrings depict society pressure which chokes a woman. In return she wears a deep neck blows with no dupatta to prevent chocking and free flow of thoughts and air.

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  • Hand made with love
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to move
  • A lifetime product


  • True to its size and quality
  • Museum Quality – 100% Hand painted
  • Dimensions: 12×10 Inches
  • Medium: Fevicryl Acrylic Colours
  • Final Court: Modge Podge
  • Care: Wipe gently with soft dry cloth
  • Artist: Swati Singh
  • Surface: Canvas
  • Will be framed and given